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We loaded several boxes into the car, identical in size and unmarked except for the AER logo on the seal.


The mood in town had changed with the temperature; gone was the festival atmosphere, replaced by thinly veiled tension. Everywhere had shorter opening hours. The radio was equal parts reassurance and distraction. The library was emptier than usual as I entered to return the books Aurelia and I had borrowed the previous week, the second job I had to do in town that day.


“Keys, wallet, sunnies, shoes… Yes, I think I have everything, beautiful wife.”

Digital Enhancement

The executive committee has decided to encourage research and adoption of computing systems both in industry and at home, and is seeking a platform for future development.


It was late. Late enough that the buildings of Ravenbank, sitting in the deepest part of the canyon, looked like the mechanism of a watch in the blue-green reflected light from Satella. Hanging like a paper lantern in the sky, it lit the buildings at an obtuse angle, and silhouetted Aurelia sharply against the swirls and lines of the gas giant as she shook me awake.

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